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Dutch foundation 'Stichting Stop Vrouwenbesnijdenis' (End female circumcision) is an organisation which is active in the field of combatting female circumcision. Our activities start in Mali. We are all volunteers and expect to be designated "Public Benefit Organisation" (Dutch ANBI) in June 2021.


Our goal is preventing female circumcision and offering care to females who have been subjected to female circumcision in Mali, and in other countries.
This way, we try to protect females' physical and mental integrity.
Primarily, we aim to achieve this through facilitating the provision of information.

Working method

To this end, on a project basis we collaborate with local organisations or campaign groups.
To finance this we raise funds in the Netherlands in cooperation with the organisations 'Stichting GeefGratis' (free online donation module) and NGO The Wilde Ganzen Foundation (support organisations in joint efforts to achieve a better future).

The board

Augustine Niaré-Van der Zanden is the chair of the Stichting Stop Vrouwenbesnijdenis foundation. She is married with two adult children and is a social worker. Judith Reining is the secretary and treasurer. She has a young daughter and works as a professional interpreter.

Besides, the foundation can count on volunteers Paula Bouman and Kees van der Zanden.


Both the two board members and the two volunteers work on a voluntary basis. They do not receive any compensation for the foundation expenses they make.
As a result, nearly all donated funds, after reducing necessary costs such as holding a bank account and a website, are used for the projects.

Origin of foundation

The Stichting Stop Vrouwenbesnijdenis foundation was raised by Augustine Niaré-Van der Zanden in 2014. Augustine was born and raised in Mali.
At a young age she started campaigning against female circumcision in her family. Several years later she started two local campaign groups: Tagnè (Progress), which has become a respectable NGO in Mali, and Mousso Dambé (A woman's dignity).
Due to a lack of funding for the latter, however, in 2014 she founded the Dutch Stichting Stop Vrouwenbesnijdenis foundation to raise prevention funds.

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